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Jabaru, Book 1: Shadows In The Attic

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‘Leo always wondered why his father disappeared from his life when he was a child. Many years later he is about to get some answers..

Hidden away in a dusty, old attic is a secret that will change Leo’s life forever. Catapulted into a fantastical world, he will have to fight to survive.

Now, Leo only wants to find a way home but is fast discovering that destiny may not let him go that easily.’

Jabaru, book 1 collects together the first 30 pages of Leo’s adventures in the fantastical world of Jabaru. Here be pirates, legends & monsters.

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The Price

Jabaru costs £8.00 (inclusive of packaging & shipping)

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The early bird..

To celebrate the launch of the first Jabaru book –

The first 25 copies of Jabaru will come signed! – that makes them ultra rare as my son would say.

(if you would like to purchase a signed copy of Jabaru as a gift & would like it made out to someone different than yourself – please remember to include this info in your PayPal note)!