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Welcome to the Library. 

Please keep your voices down and no running in the corridors. Toilets are for paying customers only.

BOOK 1: Shadows In The Attic

Title Page: Book 1, Shadows In The Attic


CHAPTER 1: The Dream

CHAPTER 2: Back To The Old House

CHAPTER 3: Shadows In The Attic

CHAPTER 4: The Kraben

CHAPTER 5: This Is Jabaru


Jabaru: The Movie! 

Catch up on all the events of Book 1 in what critics are calling ‘The Saltiest Blockbuster This Summer!’



BOOK 2: The Celestial Biscuit

Title Page: Book 2, The Celestial Biscuit


CHAPTER 1: Leaving Mistley Towers

CHAPTER 2: Boggle Holes And Badgers

CHAPTER 3: Interrogation Over Tea

CHAPTER 4: Through The Boggle Hole

CHAPTER 6: The Map

CHAPTER 7: Mistley Towers

CHAPTER 8: The Star That Fell

CHAPTER 9: Confusion In The Market

CHAPTER 10: A Rat On An Errand In A Bad Part Of Town






















CHAPTER 5: The Floating Dead

It’s Christmas!

The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come

CHAPTER 6: A Case Of Mistaken Identity

CHAPTER 7: The Pear Of Things To Come

CHAPTER 8: No Escape

CHAPTER 9: The Celestial Biscuit


CHAPTER 11: An Eye For An Eye

CHAPTER 12: The Boy On The Mast

CHAPTER 13: The Balkerne Gates

Coming Soon In Jabaru…

BOOK 1: The Appendices

All Aboard!

A Pirates Life!

Bad To The Bone!




















CHAPTER 10: The Ultimate Sacrifice

CHAPTER 11: Back By Dawn

CHAPTER 12: The Girl In The Basement

CHAPTER 13: The Great Escape

CHAPTER 14: Fear, Hope And Then Fear Again


CHAPTER 16: Collision Course