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Captain Braisewick warns Leo to avoid the zombie monk and be back by dawn. Leo crosses the bridge to the monastery. A shadowy figure watches Leo approach.

The Celestial Biscuit: Page 45

In which Leo must avoid a zombie monk, activate the Blamitator and be back by dawn…View Page Full Size »

Leo follows Crab down the mountain path. Crab tells Leo how the Grand High Cad stayed in the monastery after he died and is now dangerous.

The Celestial Biscuit: Page 44

In which Leo is told a tale of terror as he travels down the mountain path…View Page Full Size »

Leo is angry and walks away. Captain Braisewick asks him what he is doing and Leo tells him that he is going to get magical help so that he can get back to trying to escape. The hermit warns Leo that there is a

The Celestial Biscuit: Page 43

In which Leo and the pirates receive a warning that the monastery may be dangerous…View Page Full Size »

Leo argues with the hermit and asks what he will have to do when he arrives at the location of the celestial biscuit. The hermit reveals that in order to save Jabaru Leo will have to make the ultimate sacrifice. Leo and the pirates are dismayed by the news.

The Celestial Biscuit: Page 42

In which Leo and the pirates learn the true nature of the ultimate sacrifice…View Page Full Size »

The hermit tells the pirates and Leo about a magical machine that will help them escape. Leo argues with the hermit but eventually he reluctantly agrees to find the machine.

The Celestial Biscuit: Page 41

In which Leo and the pirates are sent on a quest to discover the legendary Blamitator machine..View Page Full Size »