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Molly finds her poster of a band called the Mutineers. Once she is ready, she climbs a ladder to a vent which will take them to the entrance hall.

The Celestial Biscuit: Page 54

In which there is talk of music and escape…View Page Full Size »

Molly asks Leo if he has a ride out of there. Leo isn

The Celestial Biscuit: Page 53

In which Leo mistakes someone for a damsel in distress and learns that ‘rescue’ is a dirty word…View Page Full Size »

Leo asks how Molly came to be living in the monastery. Molly reveals that her father was a monk. Leo guesses that Molly

The Celestial Biscuit: Page 52

In which Leo makes a home visit and puts his foot in it…View Page Full Size »

Molly Spoons asks Leo if he has heard of her and then tells him about her expose on Dr Schmettling. She brings him to a giant chamber which she calls home.

The Celestial Biscuit: Page 51

In which Leo discovers a home from home…View Page Full Size »

Leo follows a shadowy figure into a tunnel and locks a gate behind him to keep away the zombie monk. Leo & the stranger travel through a venting system. The stranger lights a torch & in the light it is revealed that she is a young girl called Molly Spoons.

The Celestial Biscuit: Page 50

In which Leo follows a shadowy figure to safety and friendship…View Page Full Size »

Leo narrowly avoids the zombie monk swiping at him. Leo trips and falls down stairs. The zombie monk comes after him but Leo escapes by being pulled to safety on a rope thrown by a mystery person.

The Celestial Biscuit: Page 49

In which Leo goes on the run from a zombie monk and receives help from a mystery benefactor…View Page Full Size »